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The Safety & Future of Weddings & Events

during and after the Corona Virus! 

For many couple’s, your Wedding Day has been a day you have been dreaming of for a long time and you looked forward to spending the celebration with a host of friends and family and then the covid-19 pandemic comes and puts a sour damper on your whole plan. Like many engaged couples, I’m sure you have been googling and searching for answers as to when life may get back to normal and you can host your event like in the past with no success. Right now, not even the Government and CDC can not give an end date, and although states and countries are opening up, when will it be safe for you to have your wedding without worrying in the back of your mind, if an non- symptomatic or low symptomatic person could infect persons at your, what should be, a joyous happy celebration.

As a certified master wedding planner, I have many couples that have been affected and I have been in meeting after meeting and various training sessions during the pandemic to find out how we can all safely move forward. After gathering all the ever changing information, here are a few tips to help you take your wedding planning out of pause and move forward with some plans that will work for your desires and with the new times that we’ve been shifted into.